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The first question you’ll want answering is “how much does this site cost me”? And the answer is ‘nothing’. We provide services free of charge. Our premium packages allow you to have more items listed, more photographs, more lists and so on but you are free to use the site without ever upgrading.

This site is for the collector and it doesn’t matter what your collection is; whether it be works of art worth millions of dollars, or a collection of buttons worth a few cents.

So why bother making a list of what you own? There are a number of reasons:

  • So you know exactly what you own and what you need. Make a list of what you own and also a list of what you want. If you’re like me then as your collection grows you forget what you have and often end up buying multiples of the same item. I also forget what I have and in what condition, letting an item go in ‘mint’ condition when my own copy is in no more than ‘good’ condition. Some collectors need to buy variations of a particular item and keeping track of what variations they have and what they need can be next to impossible without accurate records. With this site you can be at a collectors’ fair, call up your lists on your tablet or phone and know straight away what you have, what condition it is and what you need.

  • For security reasons. If the unthinkable happens and an item or your entire collection is stolen then an accurate photographic record can be provided to the police and auction houses at the press of a few buttons, quickly and easily. You can also upload scans/photographs of receipts for your items and describe who you bought them from, when, how much you paid and so on. Again, if the unthinkable happens and you have an item stolen then your insurer will want proof. By having an accurate database of your collection you can show photographs of the item, receipt, emails, purchase correspondence and so on.

  • For valuation purposes. Often insurers require a valuation of your collection before they will even quote you for cover. The starting point for that is to have accurate records of your collection for an expert to provide a valuation. We intend to bring on-board a team of experts to do just that and making your list is the starting point.

  • To know what you spent and what the present value is. Using our database forms you can enter the price you paid, what its present value is (for example you may have bought an item for $50 from a flea market but its true value at auction may be $200) and what you anticipate annual growth to be. The database will provide cost and value of your entire collection and of each individual list you make. You can fine-tune as time goes on by entering the latest values and allowing the system to calculate a growth rate based on the original value and time elapsed, so the projected value accuracy will get much more accurate with time.

  • You can choose to sell your items on eBay and we’ll convert your item page to an html template (using only the relevant items and not any personal information), with all links to your photos at our site. Your listings will look professional and show off your items with high resolution photos – giving you the best chance of getting a higher price.

  • You can choose to accept an offer on your item by clicking the ‘Sell - Accept Offers’ button and anyone in the world browsing the site will be able to make you an offer.

  • You don’t have to sell any of your collection; there is no need to sell any of your items in order to make a list of your collection on this site. It’s just a service we offer.

  • Show your collection to the world. You make a profile of yourself at our site and you can upload a photo of yourself, or not if you prefer. Your items will be available for the whole world to view and not just you. You can choose to allow viewers to see your whole collection from any of your pages or choose not to allow your whole collection to be viewed – it’s your choice. You can choose to remain anonymous and choose a username only or can use your real name. None of your personal details are taken by the site, such as name and address and we do this for security purposes. We appreciate that collections can be extremely valuable and security is of the utmost importance, so even we won’t know who or where you are.

  • Make your own lists. Let’s say you collect pottery and with this example I’ll explain why making your own lists can be really useful. So, you have a rare figure of a girl and it’s Meissen – German, circa 1850, is worth £2,000 and is the most valuable item you have. Your lists could be headed ‘European Porcelain’, ‘Meissen’, ‘Top 20 Valuable’, ‘My Favourites’, ‘Victorian’ and so on. You can call up a list and your item will appear in each list, with a summary of cost and value, together with a cost and value of your whole collection. It may have some damage, so you could make a list called ‘Damaged’. As we showed you earlier – you could be at an antique fair and see one the same but can’t recall the condition of yours, so you could call up your own list ‘Damaged’ and there it will be. Click on the item and see your own photos and your description of the damage. The possibilities are huge – you could collect pairs of items and you could have a list of ‘Right’ and ‘Left’ – it goes on and on and is up to you. Only you will see these lists. They are not available to everyone.

  • Do a search of your own items; go straight to your item and pull up photos and a description immediately – it’s a lot quicker than pulling out boxes, albums and so on and physically searching.

  • Do a search for the items you want amongst other people’s collections and add the collector’s page to your wants list, so you can see exactly what the real item looks like, ready for when you’re searching at a fair or on eBay.

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