For Sale - 1970 John Lennon Bag One Hors Commerce XX/VL Erotic Signed and Rare

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John Lennon created a portfolio of drawings in 1969, entitled "Bag One". These drawings depicted John and Yoko's wedding and honeymoon and he presented them to her as a wedding gift. In 1970 he chose 14 drawings from the "Bag One" portfolio to be produced as stone lithographs in a limited edition (of 300) intended to be sold in galleries. He personally signed each lithograph and attended the premier opening in London. An additional run of 45 "Hors de Commerce" sets were made. The "HC" sets were not available for public sale, but rather for John to distribute among his family and friends. This particular lithograph is one of the rarer "HC" prints, and is numbered XX/VL (20 of 45) - hand signed in pencil by John Lennon.

The condition of the piece is mint in the frame. The print measures approximately 22.5" x 30".

Mint as new

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