Beatles Please Please Mono Gold Label Not for Sale Demo / Promo

Collection: Beatles Vinyl Records

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  • Condition Very Good


This is a major rarity.  You have the mono gold label of which somewhere around 25,000 copies were pressed, and then you have the promo/not for sale issued copies, which number possibly less than 100 copies.  This is the first promo Beatles LP.  It would have been given to UK radio stations, would have only been BBC local stations in 1963.    

The sleeve has stains on the rear and at some point has had a name that has had Tippex painted over.  The flibacks are creased in parts.  

The vinyl has lots of surface marks which can be viewed in strong direct from an LED lamp or strong daylight.  Inside the home they do not show.  There are several deeper stylus scratches.

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