Concert for Bangladesh Original Movie Poster from Torquay Cinema

Collection: Beatles Memorabilia

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This is a genuine original Concert for Bangladesh movie poster from a UK movie theatre or theater if you're from the US (I personally think the US spellings make more sense than our English ones)!  It has several other posters stuck behind it from when they were pasted on the cinema boards and new ones were pasted on top.  One of these appears to be a Yul Brynner movie.  

Totally genuine and very rare.

Has a header and footer advert piece for the showings and for the second movie that would have been shown.  There were always two movies that were watched when I was a kid.  This only adds to the authenticity and gives the feel of the time and the excitement of the movies.  There is a tear towards the centre - shown in the photos, which could easily be repaired.

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