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Copicat Mk II 1960's in Original Condition - Fully Working

Collection: Musical Instruments and Equipment

  • Item Number 1579458379
  • Condition Excellent
  • Present value GBP 645.00
  • Year of manufacture 1964


Copicat Mk II 1960's in Original Condition

This is a great piece of vintage equipment in full working original condition (mains lead is the only thing that has been replaced).

It sounds incredible.  I hadn't realised how good these sound.  I've only ever used digital delays but this wipes the floor with them. The sound is so real and so 'The Shadows'.  Wow!  There is no noise at all - just silence when you're not playing.  I had expected some background noise from old analogue kit but no, not a sound.  Fabulous.  I see why these are in such demand.

Absolutely incredible original condition (except for the mains flex which has been replaced).