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Heroes & Villains

by David Steen

David Steen

Over a period of 50 years David Steen photographed cultural icons from just about every walk of life - from the rockers (The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Pete Townshend) to the rollers (Cliff Richard, Tom Jones, Rod Stewart) to other artists in all fields (Robert Redford, Stephen Spielberg, Somerset Maughan, Nureyev) and politicians, sportsmen and entrepreneurs (Harold Macmillan, Graham Hill, Brian Epstein). 

Sean Connery was a favourite, and Lee Marvin reportedly the most fun assignment. Steen has played his ukulele in duet with Peter Sellers; suffered mad days and nights with Oliver Reed; fished with Charlie Chaplin; was privy to the inner sanctum of Harold Macmillan's lonely bedroom; lived with Rod Stewart in Los Angeles and celebrated in Rio with Ronnie Biggs.

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