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The book's author, Ringo Starr, is signing every numbered copy in the Photograph limited edition. Only 2,500 copies will ever be created.
Each book is traditionally handcrafted, half-bound in Italian leather, and housed in an archival case. The bookbinding is embellished with gilt detailing, and its 300 pages are edged in gold foil.

'Genesis did a great job on my first book, Postcards from the Boys - so why would I go anywhere else?'

The author is donating all his royalties directly to the Lotus Foundation.

From behind the drums to behind the lens, Ringo Starr opens his archives to share more than 250 rare and unseen photographs, with mementos and memories from his childhood, The Beatles and beyond.
  • Page size: 280mm x 350mm
  • 304 pages

  • ISBN:
  • Collector:
    2150 copies
  • Signed by:
    Ringo Starr
  • Paper:
    200gsm fine archival paper

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