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George Harrison Hand-Written Letter to Astrid Kirchherr 1962

Collection: Beatles Memorabilia

  • Item Number 1526770277
  • Condition Excellent
  • Present value GBP 15,070.73
  • Year of manufacture 1962


This is a one-off item.  It's an extraordinary hand-written letter by George Harrison that was sent to Astrid Kircherr in 1962.   It has so many fascinating and incredible historical events in The Beatles lives described in it at a pinnacle time in their career.  I bought this directly from a friend of Astrid's who she had donated to.  Astrid kindly completed the letter of authenticity.

Note that this is the only remaining page of the original two page letter.  

I wrote an article on this item in Record Collector magazine, photographs of which are included here.  You can read how the contents of page 1 of the letter were forensically extracted.

In excellent condition