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For Sale - Please Please Me UK Stereo Gold Label PCS 3042 The Beatles

Collection: Beatles Vinyl Records

For Sale at GBP3500

  • Item Number 1528387449
  • Condition Excellent
  • Present value GBP 3,500.00
  • Year of manufacture 1963


This is one of the most sought after records in the world.  It is The Beatles Stereo Gold Label, which was available by special order to hi-fi enthusiasts initially.  The label subsequently changed and the stereo version was made generally available. It is thought that there are as few as 300 of this version in total, of course in varying condition from 'fit for the bin' to mint perfect, with the mint perfect ones being countable on one hand.

One side is excellent.  The other side has lost its sheen and has some scratching in one area and a scuff, as shown in the photos.  The labels are in lovely condition.