For Sale - Queen News of the World Promo Mirror like clock

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For Sale

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This is a super rare promo item from 1977 and strangely more rare than the clock, which uses the self-same mirror.  This was given by the Queen Fan Club to Trudi.  It is probable that it could be a one-off item prototype whilst EMI and the band worked on creating promotional items.  It will have been made by the same company that made the clocks as the style of frame matches, of which there were perhaps as few as 30 of those produced.  I haven't seen another mirror.

Provenance: Trudi Humphry has been a lifelong fan of the band Queen. She has met the band on numerous occasions, starred in multiple music videos and was heavily involved with The Official Fan Club in London. This led to her having access to the band and attending many concerts and tours with backstage passes. Trudi also wrote a discographical research biography with Andy Skingle which was printed in the booklet and credited to them in the box set of albums called Queen The Works. 

Has minor signs of rubbing here and there on the frame.

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