Mono Test Pressing of With the Beatles - owned by Brian Epstein and Gareth Pawlowski, with COA

Collection: Beatles Vinyl Records

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  • Condition New


This is a super rare one-sided - side 2 of With the Beatles, test pressing that was once owned by Brian Epstein.  It was later passed to Gareth Pawlowski, the author of one of my favourite books on The Beatles - 'How They Became the Beatles'.   Clive Epstein passed this to Gareth along with other test pressings and acetates that were owned by Brian.   When Gareth died they were passed to Rockaway Records who sold them off.

One side has the matrix LPFB4 and is a test tone.  This side is in poor condition with odd marks and deep scored grooves.

Side 1 plays side 2 of With The Beatles and this side is in excellent condition (contrary to the description provided by Rockaway Records, which is odd).  It has the stampers 1 G and matrix reference XEX-448-1N, with a  KT tax code.

Rockaway Records sold this with a COA, which you can see in the photos.

Test tone side is in poor condition.

Side 1 playing With the Beatles side 2 is in excellent condition - see photos.  

Does not come with sleeve.

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