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Time collecting: 29 years

I'm 53 years old from the UK and I've been collecting since I was 22 years old.  It was T Rex that got me started.  I watched a documentary on T Rex and went out the next day to buy original T Rex LP's.   Then I got the bug for collecting.  

My Uncle used to play Beatles records on my father's record player because he didn't have one.  I was 5 years old and was immediately switched on to the amazing sound.  I'd heard all sorts of bands and types of music but when I heard The Beatles my mind was just switched on.

I'm missing quite a few export LPs and a Beatles and Frank Ifield on Stage portrait sleeve.

I love my Polydor records.   The Beatles hated the likes of My Bonnie and Aint She Sweet but I really like them because it was the beginning of everything - the Hamburg days.

I have a stereo Introducing the Beatles ad back but the missing holy grail is a stereo Beatles and Frank Ifield Portrait cover.

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